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Aioli Italian Delicacy

One fine evening , me and my friends bump into this restaurant for a dinner and our evening turned out to amazing one. The place was so  mesmerizing with a visible kitchen, hearty breeze and friendly staff.

One of my friends was going gaga over a dish named HUMMUS so, we decided to order and give a kick ass start.



A delicacy combination of pureed chickpeas same paste and olive oil, middle eastern.


Crispy potato skin

After all it a fun finger food….

Another friend of mine is a mushroom lover so, navigating through the menu we came across Mac Mushroom Pizza

With a topping of jalapenos, onion, mushroom and with rich cheese layer, the mushroom had a lingering taste which we couldn’t get over for a few hours.


Mac Mushroom Pizza

The experience was an over whelming one. It was definitely a great decision to visit Aioli BBQ & grill smoke house. We will definitely look forward to visit it once more. See you all soon!