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Napoli Italian Bistro

When you’re around HSR layout Bangalore, you should definitely try this restaurant, An affordable Italian Bistro with ambient music and delicious food! A good place to catch up with friends.

Napoli catches people’s eye easily as inside its very comfy, the interior is very sober and is indeed popular for modish Italian food.

Coming to food, we kept it very simple



Blue Curraco Mojito


Pototo Wedges

Deep Fried Unpeeled Potato Wedges. Accompanied by ketchup


Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken, haricot beans, onion slices, tomato, mix lettuce, with honey balsamic dressing.

Chicken Quesadilla

Tortillas stuffed with herbed grill chicken, onion slices, assorted slices. serve with tomato salsa.

Tiramisu is a popular coffee-flavored  Italian custard dessert.

If you love continental cuisine, this place might serve you the right thing.





Hungry!! After office hours me and my friend bumped in to grab this MOMO BURGER at our most beloved “WOW MOMO”.

The momo burger was a eye candy….

It looked delicious with bread and cheese, inside was stuffed fried Momo.

It was a perfect stress bursting experience after a hectic day, definitely looking forward to many more treats like this one.







aioli · italiancuisine

Aioli Italian Delicacy

One fine evening , me and my friends bump into this restaurant for a dinner and our evening turned out to amazing one. The place was so  mesmerizing with a visible kitchen, hearty breeze and friendly staff.

One of my friends was going gaga over a dish named HUMMUS so, we decided to order and give a kick ass start.



A delicacy combination of pureed chickpeas same paste and olive oil, middle eastern.


Crispy potato skin

After all it a fun finger food….

Another friend of mine is a mushroom lover so, navigating through the menu we came across Mac Mushroom Pizza

With a topping of jalapenos, onion, mushroom and with rich cheese layer, the mushroom had a lingering taste which we couldn’t get over for a few hours.


Mac Mushroom Pizza

The experience was an over whelming one. It was definitely a great decision to visit Aioli BBQ & grill smoke house. We will definitely look forward to visit it once more. See you all soon!





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Food with essence of nature

One fine day,me and my friend decided to have a treat on point! We planned to visit Kormangala Social to trigger out the test buds.

Kormangala Social, a terrace garden restaurant, had a great ambiance which made us feel nostalgic about the place. The environment was magical with melancholy music and greenery all around. It was hard to believe that we are not in a garden but, a restaurant wit this theme, as the restaurant was such a tear for our eyes.

Then came the moment we were presented menu which actually looks like a newspaper,

With the hunger mode on, I navigated through the entire menu and decided to start off with non-veg.

The Killer Khabab Plate sounded interesting compromised of the spicy Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh, Paneer Tikka served with chutney.

The next dish in the sequence was let us wrap which compromised of lettuce bowel, picked cucumber mixture of sweet and sour, beans sprout, flavored rice noodles and chicken satay.

After a heavy non-veg delicacy , it was time for the desserts. We came across a dessert called  Chocolate Blood Bath which appeared to be yummy as hell. Oh my goodness, this dish was an example of awesomeness reloaded compromising of chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream, white and dark chocolate sauce with a label named RIP.

After a day of amazing food and refreshment, it was my turn to thank Kormangala Social for making my day, I recommend this place for all the foodies out there who wish to enjoy delicious food in the lap of natural environment. See ya soon!